Kyle Sexton, Marketing strategist & Author

Astra ensures saftey for Kyle Sexton, while he does business

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The kind of responsiveness & the kind of professionalism I received from Astra, it’s clear to me they are experts in this. That’s what you want from a security product, especially the ones you find online. I am happy to be with Astra
Marketing strategist & Author

About Kyle

Kyle Sexton is a known Marketing strategist & an Author. He has also served as the director of business development for the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce for more than a decade. Kyle was recognized as the 2007 Chamber Staff Person of the Year for the Western Association of Chamber Executives in the USA.

In 2008, he created, the largest online social network dedicated to chambers of commerce. He is also the creator of the Member SalesEngine, an online membership sales module for associations.

The Kyle Sexton Use Case

Kyle got a note from his client informing him about his site redirecting to some questionable sites selling pharmaceuticals. It was a busy Friday for him and his morning got all drained up by this rather unanticipated security hack at hand. He went from pillar to post to get this sorted and finally stumbled upon Astra Security.

Kyle's Requirements

  • Priority malware cleanup and redirections fixed
  • Analysis of how the WordPress website got hacked
  • A solution that will ensure continued security of website
  • Security solution that won't slow down their site or affect user experience
  • A solution easily understandable by the website's non-tech management could use

After Kyle communicated his problems to us and helped us, he went on to resume his day’s work. At Astra, our engineers started with the malware cleanup process and made sure it was fixed quickly. The website, in fact, was brought to its best version in an hour. We sent the report of the malware found to him once everything was done and dusted.

Results & Benefits

For Kyle, Astra has become his go-to security solution. Astra is now protecting Kyle’s visitors & readers from malicious content and has an amazing online experience. Now his website is monitored & guarded 24*7 for all possible attacks.

Peace of mind - With Astra protecting his website, Kyle is able to direct his focus to the other aspects of his business. This has been tranquil for him to have his focus and time saved.

Easy Management - Having his website running on Astra and seeing detailed reports for the scans and cleanups, from his Astra dashboard saves Kyle a lot of time.

Value Addition to Customers - Ever since, Kyle got in touch with Astra, it's been a peaceful journey for him. He has been able to do business with the utmost focus and a feeling of safety. Kyle is happy with Astra and does not shy away from either telling us or telling his customers about how his website is being protected from hackers, bots and threats round the clock.

Amazing Support - Kyle is convinced that he can reach out to us at any given time and is sure to get adequate help. This is what he expected in an online service. Being able to directly talk to engineers & get customizations done gives him a sense of reliability.

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