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With Astra, Dim-el stays safe from OpenCart hacks!

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Maria Sympardi

Fast service, easy installation, concise dashboard and great customer support. My website is well secured. Keep up the good work!
Maria Sympardi, Founder, Dim-el.gr

About Dim-el

Dim-el is an online fashion E-commerce portal that has been operating successfully in Elefsina, Greece since March 2015. The portal is powered by OpenCart and offers lifestyle products for men and women like bags, jewelry, watches, perfumes, cosmetics, clothes, decorative items etc. With their main focus on serving and satisfying their customers, Dim-el is continuously expanding their product range.

The Dim-el Use Case

Dim-el is a popular portal and gets huge traffic. This means that any downtime to the website incurs a loss of business and reputation big time.

Maria noticed that someone was trying to enter her website admin section. Since she didn't know what to do, she started searching the internet  where she found Astra and had a conversation with one of our engineers. She understood that a Web Application Firewall is a must for her website. Though, initially she decided to use a free of cost security solution provided by another company. As soon as she started using the free firewall, her portal shut down completely for 24 hours! The customer support she got from the other company was “very slow”. Then, after canceling her free account, she came back to Astra and signed up. From there our engineers took charge of her situation.

Maria’s Requirements

  • Managed WAF (Web Application Firewall)

  • Speedy restoration of her OpenCart website

  • Analysis of how the website is getting attacked

  • A solution that will ensure continued security of the website

  • A security solution that won't slow down their site or affect user experience

  • A solution easily understandable by the website's non-tech savy team members

  • A 24x7 customer support

We understood that with every passing minute, Maria’s non-operational website was causing an enormous loss of revenue and customer trust. Our security team took Maria’s website with top priority and started working immediately. The complete website and server files were scanned and the malicious files were repaired to avoid any future occurrence of hacks. To ensure round-the-clock real-time protection, ASTRA Firewall was deployed on the Dim-el.

Results & Benefits

Astra has become the gatekeeper that filters all traffic coming to Dim-el now. Stopping bots, malware and threats like SQLi, XSS, LFI etc. in real time, the tech team is now at great ease with Astra deployed. Customers gain trust that their data is secured with Dim-el.

Increased Relevant Traffic - With Astra deployed, bad traffic is stopped right at the door. Moreover, this has helped in achieving better search engine rankings too!

Easy to Use - Astra was very easy to deploy and always ranks us high in terms of the security status of the website. A precise and concise dashboard that allows you to customize your settings. Daily reports by Astra keep us informed about the daily security status of our website

Revenue - As Astra is securing Dim-el customers feel more secure in sharing their personal details. Hence it gives us an advantage over competitors

Peace of Mind - After experiencing recent attacks and downtime, we are so much at peace knowing that Astra is taking care of our website's security

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