Rock Solid Website Security Features Complete Suite Under One Roof

Rock Solid Firewall

OWASP top 10
Blocks 100+ types of threats
Bad bot protection
Spam protection

Astra's hacker tested firewall protects your website against SQLi, XSS, LFI, RFI, Bad Bots, Spam & 100+ threats in real time. Apart from OWASP's top 10 threats found in websites, the firewall is tailored to protect against known CVE's. Our intelligent firewall detects visitor patterns on your website & automatically blocks hackers with malicious intent.

1-Click Malware Removal

Machine learning powered
Collective intelligence
File change notifications
Unlimited scans

Astra's machine learning powered on-demand malware scanner is available to you 24x7. Automatic daily scans & an option to scan the website whenever and as many times as you like makes Astra's malware scanner a must have. You can also track file changes to your website, any change in your website code is logged within Astra & available for you to review. Protects and cleans malware like pub2srv, Japanese spam, Credit card hack, Malicious redirects, Pharma attack etc.

Intuitive Dashboard

Threat analytics
Login notifications
Blacklist monitoring
No false positives

Astra's dashboard gives you a bird's eye view of your website's security. You also get detailed drilled down information about the attacks stopped, attacker's profile, attack origin, most attacked areas of the website. Astra monitors 60+ security engines daily to check if your website has been blacklisted.

All the Control You Need

Block countries
Whitelist countries
IP range whitelist/block
IP profiling

With a click of a button you can block or whitelist a country or an IP. Add exception rules, whitelist URLs, GET, POST, Json fields, HTML fields. Whitelist firewall from particular countries. Add a note against every blocking or whitelisting action you take so that it's easy to remember. Got a developer in India? Write that against the IP while whitelisting.

File Upload Scanning

Prevent malicious uploads
Set upload size limit
Control allowed extensions
Backdoor upload prevention

Control the extensions & file sizes allowed on all upload areas of your website. Only good content reaches you, malicious uploads get stopped at the gate.

Community Powered Intelligence

Collective threat intelligence
Machine learning engine

Seamless threat intelligence from all the websites running Astra powers your website's security. Learnings from an attack on other website's automatically get pushed on to your website. This way, Astra is able discover attacks on your website even before they happen.

It Takes a Team to Build a Dream

Add collaborators
Slack integration
Email notification
Summary reports

Have a remote developer sitting across the world? Simply add them as a collaborator & they can see the security status of your website. Configure slack notifications to make sure you & your team stay updated about everything security. Want an hourly/daily summary report? Configure frequency of report as you like them.

Security Audit & VAPT

Vulnerability assessment
Catch business logic errors
Penetration testing
Dedicated cloud dashboard

While firewall assures that website is protected in real time, Astra's security audit assessment assures that already written code is bug free. Our 1000+ test cases with an automated & manual scanning by an engineer ensure every vulnerability in your website is uncovered. These include OWASP & SANS standard tests. Vulnerabilities are reported on our intuitive dashboard where your developers can interact directly with our security engineers.

Tailored for Your CMS

Strengthen CMS core
Secure third party plugins

One size fits all doesn't go well for security. That's why Astra is tailored to your tech stack. Apart from protecting against all generic website attacks, Astra protects against known & unknown attacks specific to your CMS. Astra works seamlessly with WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla & more.

Flaunt What You've Got

Trust seal
Increase trust & conversions

Being secure is worth bragging! Put Astra's trust seal on your website to proudly display your customers that you care for their security. A study revealed that Astra's security seal lead to an increase in conversion by over 9%

Tuned For Agencies

Handsome commissions
No more hacked clients
Manage all clients together
Share dashboard with clients

Customized plans for your web development agency/hosting company make sure that all your customers Thank You for hackless nights. Manage security of all your customers from a single dashboard. In addition to the happy clients, you get handsome commissions & are featured on our website.

GDPR Ready Solution

Get GDPR compliant security
Become GDPR compliant

Astra is not only GDPR compliant but gives you the ability to make a cookie consent & opt-in form for your website. Set up cookie consent for your website within minutes, no coding required.

Community Security

Leverage community skills
No coding required
< 5 min setup time
Managed by experts

Lend a friendly hand to security researchers by running your own Bug Bounty program to reward hackers for finding vulnerabilities in your website. Set this up in under 5 minutes, without writing a single line of code & completely managed by Astra experts.

You've Got a Security Team

Security recommendations
Steps to fix vulnerabilites
Secure development practices
White hat hackers at help

You don't need to go out looking for security experts now. Now you have Astra's security wizards on your side helping you with your website's security & always available to make sure your business has state of the art security. Now you can focus on your growing your business while we take care of its security.

We'll Be There For You

Real human support
Available 24X7
<6 hour turn-around time
Chat & phone support

Experience real-human support with lightning fast turn-around time. We make sure we are available whenever you need us. Because when it comes to security, timing is everything.