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360 ° Security

Web Application Firewall

Blocks 100+ types threats
Blocks Bad Bots
Tailored for CMS
360 ° Security

Intutive & Informative Dashboard

Country Blocking
Add Collaborators

Your Astra dashboard logs all attacks and displays security stats of your website. You get a bird's-eye view and also a detailed drilled down information about the attacks stopped, attacker profile, most attacked areas of the website.
Features like One click country/IP blocking, Adding Exception rules, Whitelisting URLs, GET, POST, Json, Adding collaborators to your dashboard makes sure you are always the one in control.

360 ° Security

On-Demand Malware Removal

Unlimited Scans
Collective Intelligence

Astra's machine learning powered on-demand malware scanner is available to you 24x7. Automatic daily scans & an option to scan the website whenever you like, how many times you want makes Astra's malware scanner a must have.

360 ° Security

Security Audit

Vulnerability Assessment
Catch Business Logic Errors

While firewall assures that website is protected in real time, Astra's security audit assessment assures that already written code is bug free. With the right mix of automated & manual analysis Astra assures that all your website's vulnerabilities are uncovered.

360 ° Security

Community Security

Lend a friendly hand to security researchers by running your own Bug Bounty program to reward hackers for finding vulnerabilities in your website. Set this up in under 5 minutes, without writing a single line of code and completely managed by Astra experts.

360 ° Security


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Support karda shine jive dhoop baliye.

360 ° Security


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Slack Integration
Email Notifications


360 ° Security

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