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Security Tools

$9 /mo
billed annually
OR $12 month-to-month
Get Essential
For Personal Websites & Blogs
  • Website Firewall (WAF)
  • Upload Malware Scanning
  • IP & Country Blocking
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • GDPR Consent Tool
  • Bronze Support


Security Tools

$19 /mo
billed annually
OR $24 month-to-month
Go Pro
Great for Small Business Websites
Everything in Essential with...
  • Priority Malware Cleanup
  • On-demand Malware Scanner
  • File Upload Scanning
  • Bad Bot Protection
  • Signup Spam Prevention
  • Silver Support


Security Tools

$119 /mo
billed annually
OR $149 month-to-month
Sign Up
Ideal for Advanced Business Websites
Everything in Pro with...
  • Essential Security Analysis
  • Priority Malware Cleanup
  • Security Consultation
  • On-demand Malware Scanner
  • Account Manager
  • Gold Support
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Built by a team that has helped secure

Buffer App

Security Audit for Enhanced Protection While Astra stops threats, a security audit unveils vulnerabilities in your website

CMS Scan

A comprehensive security audit for your website built with Magento, OpenCart, WordPress and other CMSs. We perform 80+ active tests with the right mix of automated & manual testing.

Be safe from critical issues like CC theft, Malware, Known Exploits, Security Misconfigurations, Vulnerable Plugins & more.

  • Cloud Dashboard
  • Steps to Fix
  • Amazing Support
Flat fee of

Business Logic Scan

An in-depth VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing) for custom built web-apps or CMSs with custom development. We perform 120+ active tests specific to your tech stack.

We pinpoint Business Logic Errors, Payment Gateway flaws, Price Manipulation Vulnerabilities, Customer Data Theft & more.

  • Security Manager
  • Cloud Dashboard
  • Steps to Fix
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which CMSs/Frameworks do you support?

Astra has native plugins for all major Content Management Systems (CMS) like Magento, OpenCart, WordPress etc. For frameworks like Laravel, Yii & CodeIgniter we have plug & play libraries which can be included in any project.

For custom built websites, Astra seamlessly integrates with only 1 line of code irrespective of framework and code quality. See the Integrations page for detailed instruction steps or contact Support.

How do you define a website?

We define a website as a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). When using Content Management Systems (CMS), a website is defined as a unique CMS installation. If a FQDN is linked with a sub-directory, it will require it's own license.

For example: runs a Magento Store and runs a WordPress blog, you would need two unique licenses. Similarly, every sub-domain will require a unique license.

Does my website become slow?

No, your website does not become slow. We have engineered Astra to scale with your website without any latency. Our security engine runs on your server & only takes 0.002s to detect threats. No need to change your DNS settings & route your traffic across the world.

Will you clean my Malware infected website?

Yes, we have highly-skilled professionals who clean your hacked website the same day. We backup your website & use a combination of highly sophisticated automated tools & human intelligence to remediate your website. You are entitled to unlimited cleanups with an active subscription.

What do you need to clean my website?

We need access to your server and it's files. After you signup, you will be prompted to enter your server's FTP, sFTP, or SSH credentials. These protocols allow us to access your server and clean the malware.

If you are unfamiliar with these protocols, our security team will assist you in the process.

Can I directly talk to the Support team?

Absolutely! Our security analysts are available via chat & email 24x7x365. All websites protected with Astra get amazing support backed by a highly-skilled engineering team.

We understand that website downtime can be costly and ensure that your website is back online in no time.

Can I upgrade my plan midway?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan anytime. Please contact us via the 'Support' tab in the Dashboard or drop us an email.

I have multiple websites. Do I get a discount?

Yes! We give customers a 10% discount on purchase of 3 or more licenses. Drop us a message on chat.